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Healthy Screen Time is One Challenge of Distance Learning

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Many scholars now have classes at home and take courses on their computers. This is because of the spread of COVID-19 and taking classes online means lots of screen time. Kids also use their phones or computers for fun like to watch TV or play video games. There have been studies on screen time and they show that lots of it can lead to health problems. People often sit when they use screens and a long time sitting is not good for the body. Try to get up and move around during the day to go get a drink of water. If we look at screens for a long time it is not good. Our eyes need a break too so try to look away every once in a while. Also, studies show that some kids learn better when on a computer because they can rewatch things. Well, that is it for this article, and I hope you learned something new....  Read more

Can Artificial Crowd Noise During Pandemic Match The Thrill of Packed Stadiums?

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Watching sports games has been different in 2020. COVID-19 started spreading quickly in the spring since sports around the world were paused. Athletes now play in empty and quiet stadiums but athletes still need cheers. Therefore, teams and broadcasters around the world are being creative and are recreating the sounds and energy of fans. Some leagues are playing crowd sounds from old matches while others are using sounds from a soccer video game. MyApplause is an app that lets fans control which noises come through speakers in the stadium. Fans have four noise options: cheer, clap, sing, and whistle. As fans watch the game, they can react to the action. They pick a noise option and click on it so players get to feel the energy from the crowd's cheers. Well, that's it for this article and I hope you learned something new....  Read more

Underground Mega-Monument Found Near Stonehenge

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Scientists discovered holes near Stonehenge(a huge stone monument). This structure was built thousands of years ago in England. Nearby, scientists found many large holes that are underground. These archaeologists used special technology called ground-penetrating radar which uses radio waves. The archaeologists discovered 20 holes so far and they think the holes are part of a monument. Scientists do not know why Stonehenge was built while most think it had to do with religion. Vincent Gaffney is an archaeologist that helped discover the holes. He thinks the holes marked a dividing line that forms a circle surrounding the henge. The holes they've found shape an arc, not quite a full circle. Well, that is it for this article and I hope you learned something new....  Read more

Homemade Coronavirus Masks

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Several people wear masks when they leave their houses, due to the coronavirus. Wearing masks helps slow the spread of COVID-19 and two studies show which fabrics work best. Homemade masks can help block aerosols and some fabrics do this better than others. A team tested different fabrics and found two fabrics together worked best. The fabrics are cotton with silk or chiffon and the combination blocked most particles. It kept out nine out of 10 particles the team reported. The mask also needs to fit the face tightly as gaps can let virus particles in. They measured how many particles got through and the tighter fit helped so it kept more particles out. Wearing a mask protects you and also protects others....  Read more

Why you Should Wear a Helmet When Riding a Bike

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Do you wear a helmet when you bike through your neighborhood? If you do, then you are a safe person who cares about life. But if you don't wear one, then you are at risk of getting hurt. Wearing a helmet can protect you in many ways. First of all, it protects your face, head, and brain when you fall. Falling on your head without safety equipment can lead to serious injuries such as concussions. A concussion is a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. To make sure the helmet fits you well, make sure that you are wearing it the right way. Also, make sure that you don't wear a hat under the helmet. Furthermore, take care of your helmet and do not through it around. Finally, put reflective stickers on the helmet so drivers can see you better. Well, that is it for this article and I hope you always wear a helmet when you are biking. ...  Read more

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