Options after WeChat Ban

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The US Government is going to ban WeChat - an instant messaging cellphone app very soon due to national security concerns. This causes some inconvenience for Chinese Americans who have been addicted to this app. Is the US government doing the right thing? Definitely yes! The WeChat should be banned and should be banned earlier, the moment when the China government banned Facebook, YouTube, Google, Line, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, and tons of other apps, as a retaliation. Unfortunately, the Obama administration at that time did nothing, and now the consequences are that the infiltration and censorship have invaded the US, depriving the freedom of speech of US citizens, influencing the presidential campaign, funding the radical leftists on making riots, and negatively changing people's lives in US. WeChat is not just a regular instant messaging app, it has bundled many other functions such as dining, airplane and train ticket booking, daily fitness tracking, twittering, utility payment, group conferencing, wallet, investment, giftcard giving, bicycles rental, and more. Everything is tracked and there is no privacy using this app. It is backed by the China government, to make people live in a country of police and surveillance, like what was described in "1984" - a political novel written George Orwell in 1949. Some people does not like this app to be banned, because they are so addicted to it and have given up their privacy, human rights, and dignity. I applaud the Trump administration's act on banning this app. This is the only way of saying no to the notorious censorship and breach of our speech freedom. And this is the only way of forcing the China government to treat the previously banned apps equally. With regard to the options after the WeChat ban, I've decided to move our family's instant messaging group to Skype. After a few trials, it appears the China government also banned the skype app in the app stores in China, because they cannot censor the content in the group chat. All apps that have group chat functions and not being controlled by the China government have been banned in China. There is only a substitute skype app that has the group chat function cut and only allows the 2-person calling. But that is it and we have to bear with it. I'm looking forward to seeing the Trump administration to exert more pressures on the China government, forcing China to return to the civilized world order.

Published from: Pennsylvania US

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