Here we're going to go further with explaining the weekly paycheck system. Basically we'll reward you Pubby Cash if you just write articles on our site. So here's how it works:

1. Each Pubby will have a base salary from writing an article each week and also have the opportunity to earn a bonus for writing better quality ones.

2. There are many different rankings for Pubbies so obviously the higher your ranking is, the higher your paycheck.

3. So how do you upgrade your status? You can always purchase a temporary status up to Head Staff in the shop or if you're really passionate, someone might promote you to a Moderator or even and Elder Moderator if you possess the qualities of a leader. To learn more about the different rankings we have here at GoPubby, check out the Users about page.

4. Paychecks will be issued once a week. You will receive a different amount based on the amount of work you have done during that week. Spend your Pubby Cash on basically anything you like on this site (such as the raffle).

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