Home Mail Server?

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It sounds like a great idea to set up a mail server at home. It is not difficult to do so. All you need is to install an HMailServer and run it on your home computer 24 hours per day. You will get featured emails like [email protected]. Isn't that cool? However, you might end up being able to receive emails only while lacking the ability of sending emails to the outside world. You might think is port 25 (the port of sending emails) open? Yes, it is absolutely open, not blocked by firewall and home router for sure. You have gone through all the settings on your side, and still cannot solve the problem. The reason is: your ISP blocked port 25 for the reason of avoiding email spamming. How to check if your ISP has this port blocked? Here is my method: use "cmd" to open the command window, and then type "telnet mail.hmailserver.com 25". If you get connection errors, that means your email sending (via port 25) ability has been restricted. You probably need to enable telnet first by opening this feature in windows. There are a bunch of articles on the internet guiding you how to do this. To check if your server's specific ports are open, in addition to the above telnet method, you can also go to canyouseeme.org, and enter a port to check. It will return an error if it is not open. And then you can do some troubleshooting accordingly. The final question is: How to solve the problem? How to bypass your ISP's port 25 restriction? You could use an smtp relay service through a third party which allows you to connect to their smtp server at a port other than your blocked port 25, and they will send out the email for you. The downside is the free version of this service usually put a limits on the daily or monthly emails you can send out. However, if you are running a home server as the title says, not for large scale business use, a 100 emails per day limit does not sound too bad.

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