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Andy Tang is the creator of who has a passion for programming and everything related to technology and is skilled in many areas of coding including Python, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and SQL. He is experienced with many Python modules including Pygame, Flask, BeautifulSoup, and Kivy. He also has a solid knowledge of Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix operating systems.

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Want to Show off Your Computer Skills but Have None?

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Have you ever wanted to become a hacker just to impress your friends or prank them maybe? Do you want to look like a professional hacker minus the learning part? Keep reading. Let’s start with some simple hacks to prank your friends successfully and show off your hacking skills. Here’s a brief code you can write on the notepad to shut down your friend’s PC without them knowing. Using this method, you can easily trick them into believing you have hacked their system. Open the notepad and type the fun code: @echo off shutdown.exe -s -t 10 cls msg* I told you not to mess with me! Now, save this file as 'myvirus.bat' and your first virus made in notepad is ready! Now if you'd rather trust me, I have the 'myvirus.bat' pre-made for you. All you have to do is right-click this link and save it to your computer (such as the downloads folder) as 'myvirus.bat' if it isn't already. Next, on your friend's computer, make your them download the file. Then to run it, right-click on the folder the file is in (if the file is in the downloads folder, right-click the downloads folder etc.) and select 'Open PowerShell window here' or 'New terminal tab at folder'. Then type in 'myvirus.bat' and press Enter! Before you do that, you can first show off to your friends with some cool commands in the command prompt. Press Windows and type ‘cmd’. Then type something like ‘whatis’ and press Enter. Many lines of data will appear and that will be enough to show off to your non-geeky friends! Interested in learning more? I would highly recommend this amazing book that shows you how to be pro with computers. You should definitely check it out! ...  Read more

Differences Between the Three “C’s”

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First, let’s talk about C. C is still a low-level programming language, but despite being published 40 years ago, it is still the most widely used programming language of all time. Programmers use it in operating systems, kernel-level software, hardware drivers, and applications that need to work with older code. C++ is considered an intermediate-level programming language, as it builds upon the low-level C language but has more advanced capabilities. It was enhanced with object-oriented programming capabilities without sacrificing speed or efficiency. If you want to start with object-oriented programming, stick with C++. C# (pronounced “C Sharp”) is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is also built as an extension of C. It compiles into byte-code, rather than machine code. That means it executes on a virtual computer that translates it into machine code on the fly. While C# is the most technically complicated of the three languages, its syntax is less error-prone than C or C++ and can be learned relatively quickly. Overall, it doesn’t matter which programming language you start with—having more in your knowledge can be a go-to when impressing your friends! As always, we have found another amazing book that covers all of the essentials on Amazon. Here is the best of C++! ...  Read more

Mac vs. Windows—Which is Better?

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These two popular companies are competing head to head. But which will take the crown? Many feel the cost of a Mac is too high for what you get, but others justify the heftier price tag by citing top-tier support, higher quality hardware, and the benefits of the Apple ecosystem. I use a Mac for all of my programming work just because it’s easier to use and navigate between my screens. Also, Macs have fewer viruses and require less maintenance. Because of the way apps are installed, it is very easy to remove unwanted files from your system. Windows, on the other hand, are more versatile and have greater compatibility with other services because it’s used around the world. Windows have more software and it is easier to download and install other applications on your computer because there are just more Windows applications out there. As a gamer, I understand that Windows has a much better gaming experience. Official Apple hardware offers a paltry selection of graphics cards. While you'll find more and more popular games—including several unique titles—available for OS X, if you want a bleeding-edge gaming experience you won't get it from a Mac. With all being said, I would recommend getting a Windows machine over a Mac because it is easier to modify and style to your preferences. I have a lot of apps on my Mac that can’t run without a compatibility layer. Although Windows may be less secure for those reasons, it is easy to install antivirus software that will take care of your system. The Dell XPS series are an excellent choice for Windows. Check them out here! ...  Read more

Programmers Make This Huge Time Mistake

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It is important to correctly use the datetime module in your program. Therefore, it is crucial to fully understand the meaning of each of the time formats that are commonly used. The datetime.utcnow() method will return the current UTC. An example of the format is 2020-06-03 13:08:44.408558. Now, look at another commonly used method, timedelta(). This method, after passing it some time parameters, will only return a time format with those parameters you passed. For example, if you code timedelta(hours=10), it will return 10:00:00. Notice the difference from the previous return value. The datetime method will display the exact time whereas the timedelta method will return the time that you specify. By failing to understand the format of these times, errors will arise when you are trying to compare or subtract the two times. Use the print() statement to help you better understand which time format is which. This well-organized and detailed book will give you all of the fundamentals regarding time usage and other python essentials. Check out this book on Amazon! ...  Read more

Lists, Tuples, and Sets—When to Use Which?

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A data structure that stores an ordered collection of items in Python is called a list. In other words, a list holds a sequence of items. A list can have any number of elements and different data types. Moreover, a list can have another list as an element. Such a list is known as a nested list. Use lists whenever there is data that will change. Since lists are mutable, it is easy to replace an existing value or insert a new value into a list. Tuples, on the other hand, are the same as lists with the only difference being their inability to be modified. A tuple is stored exactly as it is. If you want to change a value in a tuple, you would have to create a new one. Tuples are used in scenarios where it is certain that the set of values belonging to some statement or a user-defined function will not change. Finally, a set is an unordered collection of simple objects in Python. In addition to being iterable and mutable, a set has no duplicate elements. Any set defined in Python is an instance of the set class. Compared to a list, a set is advantageous by having a highly optimized method for checking whether some element is contained in the set or not. Want more practice but don't know where to go? Amazon has this great book that allows you to problem solve with algorithms and data structures using Python. You should check it out! ...  Read more

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