Privacy and Security

1. We use the industry-grade and battle-tested bcrypt algorithm to securely hash and salt passwords to ensure an extra level of account security. Even if the database is breached by hackers, the passwords cannot be retrieved.

2. If you forget your password, you can reset the password on the login page. A password reset link will be sent to the email on file with us. If you forget the email, you will need to register for another account. Please note one IP address can register a maximum of 4 accounts.

3. If you would like to remove all your data on GoPubby, send an email to the administrator at [email protected]. Account removal requests will be handled at the admin level only. Note that if an account is removed, all associated data will be lost.

What information does GoPubby collect about me and my account?
When you use GoPubby, we collect the following types of information about you:

Account information
This includes things like your username, image file, and email address.

Communications and content information
This includes your articles, public and private chats.

Activity information
This includes data about the actions you take on GoPubby such as liking or unliking articles.

Usage information
This includes data about how you access and use GoPubby such as your login and IP information, browser type, operating system, device, and search terms.

Information from cookies
If you don’t know what internet or browser cookies are, they’re pieces of information your browser sends us about you. Information we get from cookies includes things like your preferred language and allows us to identify your device to personalize recommendations and ads.

Information from our partners
This includes things like demographic or interest information we get from advertising partners, information about pages you’ve visited on partner sites.

We DO NOT collect Transactional information
If you make any support and donations to GoPubby, PayPal will be the entity that handles the transaction details. We do not collect transactional information.

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