OVHcloud's Servers in Straßbourg burns down

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Today at about 12:30 am in the morning some of OVHcloud's Servers burned down down that were in Straßbourg (as confirmed by the Founder and concurrent Chairman Octave Klaba on Twitter). SBG2 was seriously destroyed. SBG1 (or 3) were seriously damaged. The Whole Situation costed alot of panic. Octave Klaba arrived at 10 am this morning. the damage is really big and it affected many servers (e.G GrieferGames the biggest Citybuild Server In Germany). How exactly the fire broke out is unknown as of writing this. Statement from CEO Octave Klaba on Twitter: "We have a major incident on SBG2. The fire declared in the building. Firefighters were immediately on the scene but could not control the fire in SBG2. The whole site has been isolated which impacts all services in SGB1-4. We recommend to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan." Source: link

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