Bose wired headphones vs. Sony wireless headphones

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These two headphones are both very well designed and built. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages when choosing either one. The Bose wired headphones are the more comfortable one, with soft leather to cover around your ears. It also comes with a noise reduction technology to block outside noise. My only complaint is that it's wired, but other than that, this headset is amazing at doing its job. Sony wireless headphones are also very fancy but in different ways. On the headset, there is a USB-C connector and an audio jack is conveniently included for quick wireless to wired transfer. My complaints with these headphones are that it does not completely cover my ears, so I would consider them on-ear headphones, which are way less comfortable than over-ear headphones. The material used to make this headset is this type of hard, rough plastic, which I don't like. If you want comfort, get the Bose and if you want convenience, get the Bose. Both are worth your money.

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