HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Ink Cartridge Refill

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An OEM HP ink cartridge set for the OfficeJet Pro 8710 that uses model no. 952/952XL costs around $100. However, if you purchase inks and refill the cartridges by yourself, it can cost you much much less. I will post a video about how to refill the printer cartridges with the inks in another article. In this article, I'm explaining how to bypass the HP firmware settings that only allow you to use OEM cartridges and have all other refilled cartridges disabled. No 1. DO NOT UPGRADE FIRMWARE IF YOU ARE PROMPTED TO DO SO. Just like you are not encouraged to upgrade the OS system of your computer or cellphone. This is a notorious manufacturers' strategy of slowing down your machine, torturing you and forcing you to buy a new one. No. 2. If you read this article too late and unfortunately have already upgraded the firmware, do not be panic. I will introduce a way to bypass it. But do not upgrade your firmware any further, because the manufacturer may come up with a new firmware in future that disables my trick. No. 3. This is the ultimate walk-around solution. Get a spare set of HP 952/952XL OEM original ink cartridges that have not been refilled. It can be new, partially full, or even empty. You will need to use it to perform a cartridge swap procedure, which will get you up running again with the refilled cartridges. Here are the steps: 1) Insert the OEM cartridge into the printer for approx. 25 second, and then quickly remove it. (This step is to fool the system that you have purchased and now are using an OEM cartridge) 2) Within 30 seconds, quickly insert your refilled same color cartridge into the printer. Now the printer should be able to resume as normal. Ignore any pop-up messages on the printer. Note that only the OEM cartridges can be used to reset the printer. The setup cartridges cannot use this trick. If you are still confused, here is a youtube video that you can refer to: link

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