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The Raffle
Currently, there is a play raffle button where you can enter a raffle to earn more money. Though the cost of each ticket is 10 Pubby Cash, I assure you that you will have plenty of cash if you are active on the site. The raffle ends when 10 total tickets have been purchased and then a winner will be announced. Once you have some cash, why not try out the raffle—you have nothing to lose!

The Lottery
To play lottery at, you just need to buy a lottery ticket for 10 Pubby Cash. The ticket includes three distinct numbers of your choice between 0 to 9. Every day between 12:00 and 12:30pm, the winning numbers will be announced. If all three numbers of the numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers, you will win the grand prize. If two of the three numbers match the two of the winning numbers, you will win a small price.

There is about a 0.8% chance of winning the grand prize and a 20.3% change of winning the small prize. But why is this important for the lottery? Well, the number of combinations you can make shows the chance that you could win the grand or small prize.

Now, I will tell you about ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery. To increase your chances, simply buy more tickets to enter the lottery. In Powerball, there will be no significant impact on your chances of winning. However, at, buying a few more tickets could greatly increase your chances of winning. Like I said before, if you buy a ticket, there is a 20.3% chance of winning a small prize. Since each ticket is worth 10 Pubby cash, after buying a couple of tickets, you will have a good chance of winning. But if you decide that you are going to buy every single combination of tickets, there will be a 100% chance of you winning a big prize. But if you do get that big prize, how much do you get, and is it worth those 7200 Pubby Cash? First, we need to add the 7200 Pubby cash you entered to the 200 Pubby cash that is already in the starting pool. There is now a total amount of 7400 Pubby cash that can be earned. We then need to deduct 20% because the small winner gets 20% of the money. We now have the number 5920. Finally, we need to multiply that by 80% again to account for the tax. You would be left with 4736 Pubby Cash. Therefore, so buying 720 tickets is not recommended.

Finally, I will talk about Gopubby lottery rules. First of all, every day, we will announce our lottery winners. Second of all, you should check back every day because there will be more money added daily. Finally, what would happen if you decided to buy one ticket for 120 days? That means you must be able to win the grand prize at least once. Let's calculate if it is worth the money. First, 120 days means 1,200 Pubby cash spent. That means there must be a minimum of 1,400 Pubby cash to earn. However, if you do win it, there is a 0.8 percent tax. Multiply that to 1,400 and you get 1,120. 1,120 is less than 1,200, which means investing for 120 days is not a good idea. This covers up all the information that you need to know about how to play the lottery game on

Now to see if you've won, simply check your P-Wallet where all of your transactions are logged. You can see your ticket numbers as well as the money you spent and received.

Word Search
There is also a word search in the shop page that is available for both registered and unregistered users. However, registered users will have the benefit of earning Pubby Cash in the process. The word search is completely free, unlike some of the other products we have in the shop. Play a new game just by clicking on the corresponding button in the shop page and you'll be greeted with a new 15x15 board. To pocket some extra Pubby Cash, the rules are simple. Find at least 6 of the 10 words hidden in the puzzle to claim 10 Pubby Cash. Each user can only earn 10 Pubby Cash per day in the word search. Now words are hidden horizontally in the grid so you might think it's fairly easy to get your daily 10. Nope! With the added challenge of only providing you with the definitions of the words, you will have to first convert each of the definitions to the word in order to locate it in the grid. After submissions, the answers to the previous word search will be revealed at the bottom of the page, along with your score. Remember, if you scored past a 60, you will earn 10 Pubby Cash, and that's only for registered users. Keep playing until you score a 60! Unregistered users can also join in on the fun, but any earnings they receive won't be deposited into their account.


GoPubby has real stocks you can invest in through your P-Wallet. Shares like Apple, Google, Tesla, and more all can be purchased with your Pubby Cash. Think wisely and you just may make a fortune!

Temporary Status Upgrade

You can also purchase a temporary status upgrade in the shop. That includes Community Member, Staff, and Head Staff. Each rank comes with their own unique benefits.

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