Apple Watch Series 4

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We would like to let everyone know about the all-new Apple Watch Series 4. Coming in 40 and 44 mm sizes and much bigger screens (40mm is 35% bigger and 44mm is 32% bigger), this luxury and sporty fitness watch is a beast for doing your everyday tasks. The curved screen allows shortcuts to be made in the corners, and with 50% louder speakers, you can blast the music on the bus, at home, or anywhere. While the Apple Watch is much better redesigned back for LTE users, which provides better connection, it contains a twice as fast processor, with a S4 dual-core 64-bit CPU. The Apple Watch Series 4 has an electrocardiogram sensor, letting you take an electrocardiogram measure using the digital crown. The electrocardiogram will warn you of AFib, which of course, is good to know. Brand-new accelerometer and gyroscope are rising in quality, with twice the dynamic range and can detect and read motion data 8 times faster than the regulars. The Apple Watch Series 4 will know if you fall and will call emergency services after 60 seconds. The Apple Watch Series 4 is the perfect device for the sporting spirit in the fitness enthusiast. Show off to your friends with your all-new Apple Watch Series 4! Check out the Apple Watch Series on Amazon!

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